It is Sunday- again!?!!

My life is in fast forward.

Last Sunday, I woke up in Chincoteague-

we went on a tour of the Naval Academy in Anapolis-

and drove home in frigid temperatures through the hoar frost in Pennsylvania.

(AND I got to say hoar frost one more time! )

The week whizzed by-  Dr.’s appointment Monday- then on to Columbus!

Three Aidan-filled days – then a quick trip to Grandpa’s Cheese Barn and home.

A funeral on Friday-

Dinner at a young couple’s home last night

(Thanks again Adriel and Belen)

And here it is Sunday, again!

The Naval Academy was worth a second mention- I got some great pictures of Meredith, Cynthia and Blythe- and I love the pictures from the Chapel in the Academy.

Blythe, Aidan, Meredith-2010 040

Here’s a picture you won’t see again- Meredith at the Naval Academy.

Blythe, Aidan, Meredith-2010 041

And LOOK- she’s smiling!

Blythe, Aidan, Meredith-2010 042

Here they are by the statue of  Tecumseh.

Blythe, Aidan, Meredith-2010 046 And in front of the Chapel-

Blythe, Aidan, Meredith-2010 049 Blythe, Aidan, Meredith-2010 050

Blythe, Aidan, Meredith-2010 051 Blythe, Aidan, Meredith-2010 048

Which is really quite beautiful inside.

And here is a great shot outside-

Blythe, Aidan, Meredith-2010 053

Of  Blythe and Meredith in front of a huge anchor.

It is mid January!  I have to kick everything into high gear just to catch up.

And, right now, my gears are grinding pretty slow.

One thought on “It is Sunday- again!?!!

  1. Thanks for sharing all this! It’s so good to see pictures of Meredith! And, my cousin Mark works at the Naval Academy. And, dinner at Adriel and Belen’s…nice!

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