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franklin conservatory 070 While in Columbus this last week, Willow and Aidan and I went to the Franklin Conservatory and enjoyed a stroll through the gardens.

It was really beautiful- the gardens are FULL of orchids- there were orchids everywhere!

 franklin conservatory 072franklin conservatory 073 franklin conservatory 067

And Chihuly art festooned all over the gardens!  Flowering from the greenspaces,

franklin conservatory 077 franklin conservatory 076 franklin conservatory 075

Overhead in cave-like spaces,

 franklin conservatory 048 franklin conservatory 044

In boats, and floating like big easter eggs in the greenery-

 franklin conservatory 084 franklin conservatory 085

And then there was a lot of child interactive fun-franklin conservatory 051 franklin conservatory 062 -AND-

The train village set up in the entrance-

franklin conservatory 088 franklin conservatory 089 franklin conservatory 039 franklin conservatory 035

where we spent a lot of time looking and ooh-ing and ah-ing as the trains went toot-tooting by! 

We spent the entire morning enjoying the gardens and art- and Aidan  played and   looked at the ponds and trees and structures and we ALMOST forgot that Winter was still holding a firm grip outside.

franklin conservatory 080

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful visit. The flowers and the glass are exquisite. I have never been to this place and will need to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

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