Harvesting Lemon Grass and feeding the starter…

lemon grass harvest 001 Would you believe that is the start of my list for today?

It also includes -Lunch at Dan’s Dogs with Ally and Cynthia for Ally’s birthday!

And- find sheets for beds.

There is also-make meatloaf and chili and old fashioned hamburg patties.

It goes on for at least 12 more odd items that need to be done and checked off.

Because tomorrow Cynthia and I are leaving for Chincoteague, VA.

We have some business to conduct and some people to see-

and some bread to bake.

Cryptic, no?

I’ll tell you more about it later.

It has been consuming much of my time and keeping me up late at night.

And this is just the end of the beginning- I think.

Anyway- I’m going to be busy for the rest of the week- so- I thought you might like to see my lemon grass harvest .

lemon grass harvest 002 lemon grass harvest 003 lemon grass harvest 004

You cut it at almost ground level- cutting only the thick stems at a diagonal.

lemon grass harvest 005

Watch out for that long grass- it can be lethal- or at least very sharp.

lemon grass harvest 009 It slices like a paper cut-with jagged edges!  Ouch!

lemon grass harvest 018 Cut off the stem from the grass- this is the part that is used in Thai recipes like this one.  Once cut, you need to keep it in water or it will dry up.  If you aren’t going to be using it for a while- I’d chop it up small and freezw with a couple of tsps of water in an ice cube tray.

lemon grass harvest 008 lemon grass harvest 010

Now put the ends of the tall grass together and tie them tightly.

lemon grass harvest 011 And then you can braid them together.

This reminded me of something I did last year in Hawaii.Meredith's Hawaii 424

This is the shot where I finally pulled my tongue back in! LOL!

Back to lemon grass-

lemon grass harvest 015 Braiding and then weaving the ends

into a circle you can make the grass into a wreath.  (The fragrance of lemons

surrounds you as you braid and weave- it is almost intoxicating!)


Happy Day, Ally! 003 It makes a pretty birthday crown and sceptre for the birthday girl.  It is also quite nice nestled in your lingerie drawer, the light scent of lemons is quite pleasant.  Or you could drop it into Chicken with rice soup for a lemon”y”  flavor!

Pumpkin roll and sourdough 002 Diced up fine- lemongrass is a great addition to your Asian cuisine.  ( The lemongrass is in the lower right hand side of the picture above.)

I may find a convenient spot with wifi when in VA and post something from there- otherwise- see you on Sunday!

7 thoughts on “Harvesting Lemon Grass and feeding the starter…

  1. I have this plant growing outside…unfortunately, Sasha LOVES to eat it! I had several plants and when she is on her food fast, she goes and eats my lemon grass plant. We smash it up in a morterer and put it in ice water to drink with tererĂ©. I love the fresh, minty-lemony taste in water.

  2. That is nothing for a cut…if you think lemon grass is bad you should see the cuts chairs can give you…wait that was you-I think it was on the same finger too – must be the finger.

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