How to recognize a Nor’easter when you are from the Midwest

First, you can watch all the scary weather reports about flooding and dangerous driving conditions that may close the bridge that connects you to  your home in Ohio.

Second, you can go out to the Bay and watch the water rise.

Cropper St. Chincoteague 062

Cropper St. Chincoteague 065

and rise even higher at high tide.

Third, you can go outside and get soaked whilst taking pictures of the rain on your rental and car.Cropper St. Chincoteague 029

Fourth, you can drive through flooded streets and cross over the old bridge in the pelting  rain and take pictures of the only way off of the island as you wait for the car ahead of you to slowly drive through about 10 inches of water.

Cropper St. Chincoteague 072 Cropper St. Chincoteague 074

Cropper St. Chincoteague 075 I have never seen the water this high.  It made the whole experience of driving off island into a white knuckle event.

And it rained and rained all of the way to Ohio.  The Pennsylvania Turnpike is not a nice place to be when it is raining hard and you are surrounded by trucks going down the side of a mountain.

There were lulls in the downpour. 

There were umbrellas and slickers.

There were deep puddles of water everywhere.

It wasn’t like being at the beach – it was like joining a club of adventurous people who like the rougher side of nature. 

And you wouldn’t believe how many people were in Chincoteague because this is their favorite time of year. 

We saw a different face of this little island town.

And we liked it.  Even during the nor’easter.

Floods and high water and they had a Chili and Chowder Festival today that was being held on Chincoteague Bay under tents.  It looked so festive with the striped tents and the multicolored bright umbrellas.  We were tempted to stay.

But we came home to spectacular Ohio sunset.

9 thoughts on “How to recognize a Nor’easter when you are from the Midwest

  1. I really like saying and writing Nor’easter! I feel so eastcoastish! Like that handsome sailor on the fishsticks commercial all dressed up in yellow slicker and rainhat could be bringing his latest catch to my house for lunch!
    I’ve had too much seafood lately. And I want some more! Because I survived a nor’easter.

  2. Hi, Heidi. Glad you made it home safe and sound. And I’m giggling over your fondness of saying “Nor’easter”. 🙂
    Thanks for taking the time to write so much encouragement and wisdom to me today. How blessed I am to have “met” you here.

  3. Glad you guys survived the Nor’easter!!!! It seems to me that you seem to have adventures on the eastcoast with storms…hmmm.I wonder if there is a pattern here….the only connection I can thing of…is somehow it ties back to me…hmmmmm maybe you should avoid – no wait that isn’t the answer… guess there will be more adventures with storms…remember that drive back from Norfolk to Chincoteague in May – wait that was with me too:)

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