Praise and Thanksgiving


There is a Thanksgiving carol sung in rounds that  has been running through my mind lately.

Praise and thanksgiving let everyone bring

Unto the Father for every good thing.

All together joyfully sing.”

It is a sweet little tune,so it isn’t driving me crazy like some songs do when they become lodged in my brain. 

But, I’ve been reading around in Blogland and have become inspired to be a little thankful in print, as well.  Thankfulness should be a natural state for believers.

James 1:17  says that ” every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father above” and my thankfulness abounds for all the gifting and giftedness and gifts that He has provided for me.

Some of the gifts are spectacular- some small blessings- and others are area of  unexpected joys- but they are all good. 

Even pain is a gift.  Without it I could blunder into areas of danger.  It slows me down and helps me to take account of my actions and make decisions that are wise and calculated to build up strengths rather than to tear down or injure already weakened systems.

And so I am thankful.  And I am rejoicing. 

And I’m inviting you to joyfully sing.

All together now!

 Aidan's early Nov. visit 075

(You didn’t really think I was going to write about thankfulness without mentioning Aidan or at least posting a picture, did you?)

6 thoughts on “Praise and Thanksgiving

  1. Oh, the world that is in those eyes!

    I am also going to be posting with a thankful theme…I had kind of forgotten this theme, even though I did it daily in November for two years in a row!

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