Driving toward Autumn…

Sometimes it seems a season changes in a day.

One day it is a wet and rainy end of the summer

pumpkins 001

And the next- the trees are turning and the

air smells like fall.

pumpkins 004

Plus there are pumpkins for sale at the side of the road.


There are pumpkins on wagons in the fields.


And pumpkins at produce stands at small markets.


The leaves are changing colors…


There are purple asters and goldenrod blooming in the fields and

the morning sunshine feels like late afternoon.



It is Autumn- and Halloween is on its way.



Just look at the huge spiders decorating this house.

To celebrate the season- I stay away from spiders-


I bake pumpkin pies!

11 thoughts on “Driving toward Autumn…

    • Thanks! I’m so enjoying your “Get Your Jelly On” posts.
      I wish I could afford that wonderful mold- but even for a good cause I can’t afford it right now.
      It really makes a beautiful presentation,
      I love pumpkin soup, too- the color, flavor and fragrance of pumpkin is so comforting for me.

  1. I love all of the pictures you posted about Autumn. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Those are some neat pictures. Next week the colors will be more pronounced, we could take another drive.

  2. Guess what I had for dinner tonight?… pumpkin soup 🙂
    Halloween isn’t high on my to do list, but I think a revisit with a pumpkin pie is. I haven’t made it since last year, so my recipe still needs tweaking.
    Happy baking Heidi!

    • I don’t do Halloween much anymore, although it is a BIG thing in the US. I can’t get over the decorating people do for it. But I love the pumpkins and squash available right now.
      Pumpkin soup, pie and rolls (like a jelly roll with a cream cheese middle) – plus pumpkin muffins,doughnuts and cookies are all on the menu this time of year!
      I liked the look of your pies last year- 🙂

  3. wild and windy here and the pumpkins are piling up at the farm where we go to get vegetables some weekends. They have got more popular here with the arrival of American style Halloween activities in the last decade or so. I saw Libbys pumpkin in a tin in the supermarket too the other day. I might try once again to make pumpkin pie and cheat a little this time x

    • Canned pumpkin isn’t a cheat- it is a necessity. If I had to use fresh pumpkin every time I made Frank a pie- he would only have one or two a year! I like fresh pumpkin for soups, because you get more texture and flavor- but in a pie you are adding all those spices and you want a smoother texture, so the canned stuff is the answer!
      I’m looking forward to seeing your pies !

  4. I don’t like the spiders, but I LOVE the leaves, the pumpkins, the low sun, the pumpkin pies and the cooler weather. 🙂 I LOVE fall!

    • I didn’t like the spiders, either. I can’t get over how far people go to decorate their homes for Halloween.
      I do love fall- it is such a happy time of harvest and preparation for holidays!

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