What to do with a glut of tomatoes?


Sausage and fresh roasted tomato sauce on

3 color Rotini!


Turkey and black bean chili w/ fresh and roasted

tomatoes cooked into the meat.


Tomato and cheddar pie (or quiche!)


Roasted tomatoes and garlic with basil-


Spread on fresh made bread!  So good.

So far I’m keeping up with the tomatoes- but

then again I didn’t go into the garden today.

I think I’m going to be roasting up another

couple of batches and freezing them for later

in the winter tomorrow!

Got any suggestions?

8 thoughts on “What to do with a glut of tomatoes?

  1. Haha! Did you see my post today?! I also have been dealing with a glut of tomatoes! I say go with the roasted tomatoes and enjoy them all winter long! I posted a recipe that you may want to use as a base as well, in addition to your tomatoes and garlic. Your picture with the bread looks soooo delicious!

    • Thanks, Martha!
      I just would feel badly if I wasted all those tomatoes!
      Frank keeps telling me not to worry about them- but I’ve been giving them away and roasting them- almost every day now for the last week!
      I only have 5 plants- and I didn’t think they were going to be this prolific.
      I only got 2 zucchinis off of 4 plants-
      what is with these tomatoes?

  2. You could maybe semi dry some and jar them in oil with some herbs, if you have the space to store them. Cut in half, sprinkle with salt and leave in a lowish oven for ages… then into the jar and cover. Or would that still be a botulism risk in your part of the world, I know there is more of that in the States than here, something to do with the soil. We just made a batch of passata again with shop bought tomatoes and you can freeze that. And then there are all the other preserves, like chutney to try.

    They can get overwhelming though, all in one go like this… I have five tumbling tomato plants, they were little pathetic seedlings and have produced pounds and pounds of small fruits, I have been giving them away, and eating like mad too. Love your pictures, might make some chilli, they are all going mad too, fruits and new flowers at the same time on my windowsill. x Joanna

    • I really like the chutney suggestion!
      And I could freeze that – couldn’t I?
      I just don’t want to mess about with preserving- I do worry about botulism. And I’ve thrown out jars of preserved stuff just because I’m not going to take any chances. Frozen is my most consistent choice.
      ( I didn’t know that about the soil- but it doesn’t surprise me.)

      • I was just trying to find out a bit more, but it is all going over my head a bit. I didn’t know that you shouldn’t give infants under one year honey because of it, but now I do! You must do what makes you feel comfortable, if freezing is the way then that’s the way 🙂

    • And I’d take the child while you worked with the tomatoes!
      I’d really rather play with the Monkeys rather than rassle and roast these tomatoes!
      Besides- these Roma tomatoes all resemble that nude painting I referred to in an earlier post?
      They are wonderful for roasting- but I still keep getting an occasional glimpse of a plump nude bottom!

  3. Thank you for the tomatoes, Tomorrow before we go to class I’ll put them on for roasting. When I get back home I’ll get them ready for the freezer. I’ll be able to enjoy them this winter. I like the reference of plump nude bottom, but you are so right they sure look like nude bottoms.

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