Biscotti !!

I didn’t take any good pictures today.

In fact, I just looked and I’m referring to yesterday as TODAY>

I haven’t taken any pictures yet, today.

But I made two batches of biscotti- and they are good- really good!

I used the recipes from Celia, at fig jam and lime cordial– and the results are quite brilliant!

DSC01384Double chocolate and almond- in the jar.


DSC01385 cranberry and almond, in the container.

I’m going to add white and dark chocolate layers- but I tried them with coffee this yesterday afternoon and they were perfect plain as well.

so, I’m winding up this day- headed for bed-

Here’s a picture of the Christmas tree in my living room to say-DSC01383 DSC01390

“Happy Holidays and goodnight!”

9 thoughts on “Biscotti !!

  1. Yummy! I haven’t made biscotti in several years. I think I”m going to make cookies this afternoon, though. And I love your tree–both day and night pictures!

  2. Cindy- I took Celia at Pete’s word and coated half of the double chocolate with dark chocolate 85%- And then I added a mint flavor and milk chocolate to the other half. I put a very light layer of white chocolate on the cranberry -almond. Since I’m giving most of these away- I decided that more is better- and these are very more-ish. 🙂

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