A week for preparation-

Next Monday is Labor day. 

I’m planning on spending it with family on Chincoteague Island, VA.

Sadly, Jordan has started back to school and can’t get away from work- so he won’t be there- but Willow and Luke and Aidan and Frank and Cynthia and I- a week of sun and beach and family.

Chincoteague 2009 (Luke) 491 

Chincoteague 2009 (Luke) 490

I’ve been waiting for a chance to actually go to the beach while in Chincoteague all year.  So this is it- finally- Yay!

But first- laundry and baking and sorting through all the stuff I want to take- and finishing up Willow’s birthday present (we will be celebrating her birthday down there this year!) – and shopping and packing and gathering and getting the herbs  that I’m taking to plant at the house- all of that busy work.

Chincoteague May-day5 009

And then we’re off to spend a week back here-Chincoteague 2009 (Luke) 043

in Chincoteague.

13 thoughts on “A week for preparation-

  1. (Chuckle) Frank is already warning us about the danger of riptides. ( Meredith and I got caught in a riptide off of the Navy beach at DamNeck in Virginia some years ago. It is scary and dangerous).
    I really am looking forward to this time spent down there that isn’t a specific WORK week! I haven’t hardly been able to sleep my thoughts and plans are at” full speed ahead” for our time at “The Sailors Rest”!

  2. Thank you- it is a wonderful house- Joanna,Celia and Brydie- My niece , in the Navy, bought it and is very generous with her mum and me. A week just doesn’t seem like it is long enough!

  3. What a perfect spot to celebrate a birthday!! Thanks for all the work you and Frank have done to make it such a homey comfortable place. And of course, we all thank Meredith for letting us use her house while she’s away.

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