Ash Wednesday

Yesterday when I was Skyping with Meredith, she suddenly grew very quiet and looked up at the ceiling intently.  I could tell something was wrong- she quit speaking mid-thought and sentence and her concentration on the lamp hanging over her head was chilling to behold.

She was experiencing a small earthquake.

There is nothing that underscores our instability in this world like an earthquake.

Or the death of someone you love.

We are left feeling vulnerable.

Completely out of control.

And that is exactly the right place for us spiritually as Believers in Christ.

God is Sovereign.

We are vulnerable and IN  His control.

Luke wrote on Ash Wednesday for the ERD blog and I am going to share the link with you- it is a thoughtful and meaningful reminder of what “Ashes to ashes” means and how we can respond.

Hopefully, the significance of Ash Wednesday will shake up our world enough that we will respond.

Here’s the link.

2 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday

  1. This is so true. “Completely out of control” is where I feel like I’ve been living since last July. And what it has done is made me anxious for this time in the Christian calendar, to embrace the discipline and contemplation and eventually the celebration that we are invited to observe.

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